Going the Distance in 2021

Yes, I realise it’s been a while since I wrote an update here. ‘What happened in 2020 then, Rich?’ I hear you ask. Well, despite that there virus, and despite revelling in the social distance thing, things have somehow ticked over. I have now begun the relaunch of my Dark Harbour Tales book series. Having learnt a lot of things about self-publishing, I realised my books would benefit from a revamp, now I know what I’m doing. So the first one, Halo of Fires, is currently relaunched and available, and the second book isn’t far away; I’m looking to release that one in May. Although these two books are reworkings of my original releases, there is a brand new tale in this series, Into The Fires. This is available right now exclusively through my other website, so make sure to check that out. It’s free!halo of fires by joseph kiel

Aside from those books, there is a third Dark Harbour book in the works to complete the trilogy, and that’s not too far away. As for my other book, the vampire story Broken Melody, I’m looking to turn that into a series with an upcoming sequel. That’s not too far away from completion either, although it’s on the back burner for now. 2021 may well give the illusion I’m somewhat prolific. I’m really not!

I’m also working on something completely different, which I’m aiming to release around November. This one is absolutely nothing supernatural, no blood and guts or anything like that. It’s set in the real world of my home county Lincolnshire, and how much realer can you get than Lincolnshire?

richard dutton's lockdown hair

So, lots to look forward to. In amongst all this, I also desperately need to schedule in a haircut, as currently I’m rocking a serious lockdown mop. The last time I got it cut was just before lockdown 2 in early November. The cat doesn’t seem to mind my dishevelled look though.

Anyway, take care, stay safe. We can do this!