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I am currently writing a trilogy of novels called the Dark Harbour Tales. The first book in the series was released in 2016, and the follow up appeared in 2017. When I say “I am currently writing a trilogy of novels”, I of course mean that they were written by my alternate dimension me, a chap called Joseph Kiel. Yep. True story.

The Tale of the Soul SearcherThe first book in the series is called Dark Harbour: The Tale of the Soul Searcher, and is about a group of college students who are discovering the town. One of them researches a historical murder mystery, two of them are enticed into the local vigilante organisation, and one of them falls in love with a siren, the most beautiful girl in the whole town. The rich narrative also involves the search for a missing treasure with magical powers, criminal overlords, shadowy figures, and the sadistic owner of the seaside amusements.

The Tale of the Night ShinerThe sequel is called Dark Harbour: The Tale of the Night Shiner, and this book takes a bit of a different tone. A lot of the original characters return, as does a brutal creature, the Night Shiner, who swoops on people in the dark hours, killing off the losers and the wasters. The townsfolk then turn to the vigilante organisation, Halo of Fires, to take on the impossible task of destroying the beast that has haunted the town for centuries. So this tale has a strong horror / supernatural leaning. It is a definite page-turning roller coaster, so say the people who have read it so far!

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The final book in the series is something I’m currently working on but I don’t know when it’s going to appear. Hopefully not too many years away. I also have other book projects on the go, so there should be something appearing in the meantime. As soon as I find the time I’m going to get cracking on another one of my ideas, something completely different to Dark Harbour. It’s going to combine two of my other passions: comedy and football. Those two things seem to go well together sometimes it seems.

But until then you’ve got two tales of a dark and mysterious seaside town to keep you going, and I’m hopeful you’ll enjoy them.